Induction Furnace Manufacturers in India

induction furnace manufacturers in India

Are you looking for induction furnace manufacturers in India? Hani Metallurgy is one of the professional induction furnace manufacturers in China,  focused on the development, design, and production of various specifications of heating furnace equipment.

Induction Furnace for Aluminum

induction furnace for aluminum

The induction furnace for aluminum is mainly used for smelting and heating of aluminum and aluminum alloys, especially in smelting places where there are many recycled materials such as aluminum profiles and aluminum products

Induction Furnace Lining Life

induction furnace lining life

How to improve the induction furnace lining life? An induction furnace is a high-temperature electric furnace heated by the eddy current effect, which is composed of a furnace body, electrical system, water cooling equipment, and tilting mechanism.

Induction Furnace Lining

induction furnace lining

The induction furnace lining is made of refractory bricks. Due to the different working conditions of each part of the lining, the material and performance of the refractory bricks used are also different.

Induction Furnace Ground Leak Detector

induction furnace ground leak detgector

he induction furnace ground leak detector can also help users detect the furnace lining thickness, which is one of the auxiliary detection devices to prevent induction heating furnace leakage and reduce the occurrence of furnace leakage accidents.

10 Ton Induction Furnace

10 ton induction furnace

There are two main types of 10 ton induction furnaces, the 10-ton parallel induction furnace, and the 10-ton one-tow-two induction furnace.

Induction Furnace Crucible

induction furnace crucible

The induction furnace crucible is a simple special smelting equipment, which is made of different raw materials such as high-purity graphite and cast iron.

Induction Furnace Circuit Diagram

induction furnace circuit diagram

The main induction furnace circuit diagram of the series inverter one-drive-two furnace (hereinafter referred to as the series circuit) is that one power supply can feed two electric furnaces for smelting at the same time, or one furnace for smelting, and the other one for heat preservation.

Pakistan ITIF Asia International Trade and Industry Expo 2023

Pakistan exhibition

The Pakistan ITIF Asia International Trade and Industry Expo will be held from March 10th to 12ed, 2023 in Karachi International Convention and Exhibition Center. We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit us at booth F162.

Induction Furnace Build

induction furnace build

The induction furnace build of Hanmetallurgy is a heavy and high-strength furnace body manufactured according to international standards