Automation of Metallurgical Industry

Automation of Metallurgical Industry

Automation technology and equipment used in the metallurgical industry. Introduction for Basic Automation of Metallurgical Industry and Automatic control of production equipment are as follows.

Metallurgical industry is a typical heavy industry with complex processes, many kinds of products, and a huge amount of materials. Many operations are carried out under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure or low temperature, and negative pressure. From the initial stage of metallurgical industrial production to the development and application of Modern Metallurgical new technology, mechanization and automation of the metallurgical industry have always been important means.

The main purpose of the application of automation technology is to carry out various metallurgical operations accurately and stably; Improve the efficiency of the metallurgical production process, reduce material consumption and energy consumption, reduce production costs; Improve the manufacturing accuracy of metallurgical products, control the chemical composition, shape and dimensional accuracy of products, and improve the service performance and appearance quality; Reduce the labor intensity of operators, improve labor productivity, and realize some more difficult metallurgical operations.

The technical content mainly includes the mathematical model suitable for controlling the production process, the corresponding automatic control system, and the process detection instrument with high reliability.

The production process can be divided into mining automation, steelmaking automation, steel rolling automation, etc. In terms of automation level, the automation level of processes close to the final product is generally higher than that of processes close to raw material mining.

According to the degree close to the production process, the automation of the metallurgical industry can be roughly divided into three levels:

Basic Automation of Metallurgical

Automatic control of production equipment. Basic automation equipment includes:

① special metallurgical instruments, including detection technology, information processing, information display, interface, etc.

② Electric drive, including drive motor, electric appliance, speed regulation system, etc.

③ Control computer, including a computer system, information transmission, etc.

Process Automation

On the basis of basic automation, the process control of the whole production line is automated. The equipment with process computer as the core realizes process automation according to the process mathematical model. Due to the complexity of the metallurgical production process and the obvious influence of non-structural and uncertain factors, robust control, adaptive control, stochastic optimal control, and intelligent control, such as fuzzy control, neural network, and the expert system can be further developed on the basis of the traditional industrial mathematical model combined with classical control and modern control theory.

Management Automation

On the basis of system science theory, it is an automatic system for enterprise management by applying computer technology, economics, and mathematical methods. On the basis of process automation, management automation can be divided into three levels: operation management level, plan management level, and strategic management level. The metallurgical industry began to use computers for management in the 1950s. It is one of the earliest industries to apply management automation, and it is also an industry with a high level of application management automation, such as computer integrated manufacturing systems (CIMS) and supply chain management (SCM).

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