Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturers in India

Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturers in India

Looking for Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturers In India? Hani Metallurgy is a Continuous Casting Machine Manufacturer, Supplier in China. Hani Metallurgy not only has a ready installed in the domestic market but is also exported to India, Iran, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, and other countries and regions.

What is a continuous casting machine?

what is continuous casting machine

What is a continuous casting machine? It is composed of continuous casting of liquid molten steel into a continuous casting billet, and then cut into the required length by a cutting system, which is customarily called a continuous casting machine.

Vertical Continuous Casting Process

vertical continuous casting process

The vertical continuous casting process is the earliest continuous casting technology used in industrial production. The vertical continuous casting process refers to the type of continuous steel casting in which the entire process of casting and slab solidification is carried out in a vertical state.

Ladle Furnace Steelmaking Process

ladle furnace steelmaking process

In the ladle furnace steelmaking process, the LF furnace generally chooses precipitation deoxidation and diffusion deoxidation…..

Induction Ladle Refining Furnace

induction ladle refining furnace

Induction ladle refining furnace is important metallurgical equipment used to refine molten steel melted in primary furnaces(EAF, converter…

EAF Power Conducting Arms

EAF Power Conducting Arms

The electric arc furnace EAF power conducting arms is a rectangular beam structure, which is welded by copper-steel composite plates. And these conducting arms can be widely used in 5T-100T electric arc furnaces and large-tonnage ladle refining furnace.

Conductive Arm for Furnace Technological Innovation

Conductive Arm for Furnace

The conductive arm for furnace has the function of supporting large current conduction. In the previous conductive arm for the furnace, the electrode support function and the conductor function were completely separated. Generally, the conductor was partially insulated and supported on the conductive arm.