Aluminum Billet Casting Process

aluminium billet casting process

Aluminum billet casting process and continuous rolling process began in the 1980s and are an advanced production process. The basic process is: aluminum ingot → melting furnace → static furnace → degassing → filtering → casting nozzle → rolling mill → intermediate unit → coiler. Features Aluminum billet casting process characteristics Continuous casting and rolling […]

Introduction of Steel Casting Process

Steel Casting Process

Steel casting process is the process of heating iron in a crucible container to produce a metal. What Is Cast Steel? Cast steel is steel that can be used for casting. Cast steel is a general term for iron-based alloys used to produce castings that do not undergo eutectic transformation during solidification, and is a […]

What is Billet Casting?

what is billet casting

What is billet casting? At present, in addition to the production of special steel and large-scale steel castings, a small amount of casting