Submerged Arc Furnace Process

submerged arc furnace process

Submerged arc furnace process is that the submerged arc furnace is intermittently fed into the furnace through the feeding device, the stoking machine maintains the material surface, the liquid alloy flows into the ladle and other containers, and then transported to the mold for pouring, and the finished product is formed after cooling. The iron […]

Mini Electric Arc Furnace For Sale

Steelmaking electric arc furnace for sale

Features Mini electric arc furnace for sale, 5ton, 6ton, 7ton, etc. are more trusted by customers. Electric arc furnace steelmaking uses electric energy as the heat source, which avoids the pollution of the steel by the sulfur contained in the gas heat source; The operation process is flexible, and the slag and furnace gas can […]

Induction Furnaces VS Electric Arc Furnaces

induction furnaces

Although induction furnaces and electric arc furnaces are commonly used cast steel smelting equipment in factories, intermediate frequency induction furnaces have the following characteristics in terms of refining capacity and adaptability compared with ordinary electric arc furnaces.