Induction Metal Melting Furnace Manufacturer

induction metal melting furnace

Induction metal melting furnace is a kind of melting equipment, which is composed of intermediate frequency power supply, capacitor cabinet, furnace body, mechanical tilting device and so on. The principle is to use the induction electrothermal effect to complete the metal smelting process. The power supply is generally divided into three types: high frequency (above […]

Electric Induction Furnace VS Electric Arc Furnace

electric induction furnace vs electric arc furnace

Electric induction furnace vs electric arc furnace: the induction furnace relies on the principle of induction heating to melt the metal charge, and there will be no carburization of molten steel. Electric arc furnaces rely on graphite electrodes to heat the charge through an electric arc. With the improvement of steel production, a large amount […]

How Do Electric Induction Furnace Work?

how do electric induction furnace work

How do electric induction furnace work? Generally, the heating furnaces we are familiar with use electricity as the energy source, but the heating method of the induction furnace is a little different from other furnaces. Although it is also driven by electricity, it uses induction heating to heat the material. of. So what is its […]

Hani Electrotherm Induction Furnace Price

electrotherm induction furnace price

Electrotherm induction furnace price has always been a concern in the metal smelting industry, because induction furnaces have the highest heating efficiency and fastest speed for almost metal materials, and are low-consumption, energy-saving and environmentally friendly induction heating equipment. In recent years, it has been sought after by steel mills all over the world. Features […]

Arc Furnace and Induction Furnace

Arc Furnace and Induction Furnace

Compared with ordinary electric arc furnace, induction furnace has the following characteristics in terms of refining capacity & adaptability.

Submerged Arc Furnace Manufacturers In India

Submerged Arc Furnace Manufacturers In India

Submerged arc furnace manufacturers in India Xi’an Hani Tech. is located in Xi’an, China, providing professional solutions and services to many Indian customers. As the submerged arc furnace selected by the customer, let us understand its advantages and characteristics. Features The submerged arc furnace is an industrial electric furnace with huge power consumption. Mainly composed […]

Submerged Electric Arc Furnace

Submerged electric arc furnace

Submerged Electric Arc Furnace is also known as Electric Arc Furnace or Electric Resistance Furnace. A submerged electric arc furnace is a…

Ladle Refining Furnace Power Consumption

Ladle Refining Furnace

Ladle refining furnace power consumption: The refining furnace uses electricity as the source of energy and heats steel by electricity, so the consumption is very huge. Therefore, the space for its energy consumption control is very large, and even if only some improvements are made in one aspect through technological transformation, it will have a […]

Conductive Cross Arm For EAF LF

Conductive Cross Arm For Steelmaking

Conductive cross arm is a rectangular beam structure, which is welded by copper-steel composite plates. The copper plate on the outer surface is conductive, which combines the two functions of conduction of the electrode cross arm and support of the electrode into one. Since the conductive copper tube and many insulation links on the traditional […]