Induction Furnace+Vertical Continuous Caster

induction furnace+ vertical continuous caster

Induction Furnace + Vertical Continuous Casting Machine Features Induction furnace Induction furnaces are industrial furnaces that use the principle of electromagnetic induction to melt metals. The main components of the induction furnace are the inductor, the furnace body, the power supply, the capacitor and the control system. The AC power supply used in the induction […]

Precautions for Induction Coil of Foundry Melting Furnace

induction coil

The core of the induction melting furnace is the induction coil. The effect and price of cold extruded copper pipe and cast copper pipe are very different. T2 cold extruded copper pipe with a rectangular section shall be used. The surface insulation treatment of copper pipe shall be treated with TSC-L ultra high-temperature insulation paint […]

How to Improve the Temperature Resistance of Induction Melting Furnace Lining?

induction furnaces

Furnace lining refers to the furnace wall of induction melting furnaces or other furnaces used to refine metal. It is an important part of the working process of induction furnaces. The quality of furnace lining can directly affect the working efficiency of the electric induction furnaces. As high-temperature smelting equipment, the temperature resistance of the furnace lining must be the main standard to judge the furnace lining. So how can we improve its temperature resistance?

IF Non-Ferrous Refractories Requirement

Induction Furnace Non-Ferrous Refractories Requirement

About Non-Ferrous Refractories Requirement of Induction Furnace Induction furnaces are one of the most challenging of all refractory applications. Refractory materials for induction furnaces need to be selected according to the furnace type, furnace structure, type of steel to be smelted, smelting process and operating conditions, etc. At the same time, the phase and physical […]

Refractory Materials Requirements of Induction Furnace

Refractory Materials

Refractory Materials The development of induction furnaces is closely related to the advancement of refractory technology. In any case, the selection of furnace lining materials for induction furnaces is based on furnace utilization and economy. Regardless of the crucible lining of the crucible furnace or the melting trench lining of the trench furnace, for the […]

Power-saving Method of Electric Induction Furnaces

induction furnaces

Brief introduction of the power-saving method of Induction furnace
After decades of training, Hani Metallurgy has continuously developed and improved its products and kept improving, and summarizing a set of applicable power-saving methods for induction furnaces.

Medium Frequency Induction Furnace Application Scope

Induction Furnace

Medium Frequency Induction Furnace: What is the application scope ? Electric furnace equipment has been widely used in the smelting industry. However, some people still do not know the specific scope of use, which is not conducive to customers to buy, let HANI Metallurgy to tell you the specific scope of its application. Description Medium […]

The Consumption of Foundry Melting Furnace

foundry melting furnace

In the operation of the induction furnace, what are the main aspects of the loss of output power? From the design and calculation of the induction furnace, it can be seen that only a part of the active power sent from the power supply is absorbed by the charge, and the rest of the energy becomes various forms of loss.

Induction Furnaces VS Electric Arc Furnaces

induction furnaces

Although induction furnaces and electric arc furnaces are commonly used cast steel smelting equipment in factories, intermediate frequency induction furnaces have the following characteristics in terms of refining capacity and adaptability compared with ordinary electric arc furnaces.