5T Small Electric Arc Furnace For Sale

Small Electric Arc Furnace For Sale

Small electric arc furnace for sale – for melting various carbon and alloy steels. The electric arc furnace is one of the key equipments in the modern electric furnace steelmaking production line, and it undertakes the important task of supplying the initial molten steel to the steelmaking production line. Therefore, with the development of steelmaking […]

Submerged Arc Reduction Furnace Power Supply System

Submerged arc furnace

Submerged arc reduction electric furnace is the main equipment for producing ferroalloys, which is used for reduction melting of ore and other furnace materials. Equipment Composition Power supply system, electrode system, furnace body, fume hood (or furnace cover), charging system and water cooling system, etc. Production Characteristics The electrode is inserted into the furnace charge, […]