Submerged Arc Furnace Process

submerged arc furnace process

Submerged arc furnace process is that the submerged arc furnace is intermittently fed into the furnace through the feeding device, the stoking machine maintains the material surface, the liquid alloy flows into the ladle and other containers, and then transported to the mold for pouring, and the finished product is formed after cooling. The iron […]

Submerged Arc Furnaces Manufacturers

submerged arc furnace manufacturers

As one of the professional submerged arc furnaces manufacturers, Hani Metallurgy is willing to introduce the differences between DC-submerged arc furnaces and AC-submerged arc furnaces. The submerged arc furnaces on the market are generally divided into two types: DC submerged arc furnaces and AC submerged arc furnaces in terms of the current form.

Submerged Arc Furnace Working Principle

submerged arc furnace working principle

The submerged arc furnace is also called an electric arc furnace or resistance furnace. But what is the submerged arc furnace working principle? It is mainly used for reducing and smelting ores, carbonaceous reducing agents, solvents, and other raw materials.