Submerged Arc Furnace(SAF) Electrode Accident Analysis

submerged arc furnace(SAF)

Electrode safety accidents are common safety accidents of nonferrous metals and calcium carbide companies in submerged arc furnace(SAF) smelters. The specific analysis of the causes of electrode accidents is accurate, and purposeful preventive measures can be taken to reduce the occurrence of electrode safety accidents.

Waste Heat Boiler of Industrial Submerged Arc Furnace Silicon

submerged arc furnace silicon

The waste heat boiler of industrial submerged arc furnace silicon is composed of a superheater section, an evaporator section, an economizer section, and its auxiliary equipment and accessories. The waste heat boiler of an industrial silicon smelting furnace uses the tail gas discharged from the industrial silicon smelting furnace to lead into the waste heat […]

Submerged Arc Furnace Price

submerged arc furnace price

The submerged arc furnace price varies with the specification of the submerged arc furnace. In this design, the semi-enclosed fixed submerged arc furnace with the low hood is selected.