Ladle Furnace Transformer Overview

Ladle furnace transformers

Ladle Furnace Transformer Overview With the increase of cooperation between ladle furnace transformer and electric furnace manufacturers in developed countries, Hani Metallurgy and LF furnace matching transformers have changed. Among them, the LF furnace less than 40t still uses the traditional type, and the transformer structure for the LF furnace greater than 40t. After a […]

Transformer Operation & Maintenance

Electric Arc Furnace Transformer

Operation and Maintenance The electric arc furnace transformers should strengthen the daily maintenance work, and carry out minor repairs and major repairs on a regular basis. 1. Monitor The so-called monitoring is to monitor the load of the electric arc furnace transformer, conduct external inspections regularly and observe the condition of the oil. The operator […]

Technical Requirements for Submerged Arc Furnace Transformers

submerged arc furnace transformer

Submerged arc furnace transformers: The load is continuous and stable, and there is little electrode short circuit.The impedance voltage is required to be as low as possible, and it is generally required that the furnace transformers can withstand 110% of the rated current for long-term continuous operation. Technical Requests For Submerged Arc Furnace Transformers As […]