Conductive Cross Arm For EAF LF

Conductive Cross Arm For Steelmaking

Conductive cross arm is a cross arm made of copper-steel composite plate or aluminum-steel composite plate. For electric furnace, EAF, LF steelmaking use.

EAF Power Conducting Arms

Power Conductive Electrode Arm

The electric arc furnace EAF power conducting arms is a rectangular beam structure, which is welded by copper-steel composite plates. And these conducting arms can be widely used in 5T-100T electric arc furnaces and large-tonnage ladle refining furnace.

Conductive Arm for Furnace Technological Innovation

Conductive Arm for Furnace

The conductive arm for furnace has the function of supporting large current conduction. In the previous conductive arm for the furnace, the electrode support function and the conductor function were completely separated. Generally, the conductor was partially insulated and supported on the conductive arm.

Power Conductive Electrode Arm

Power Conductive Electrode Arm

A power conductive electrode arm is an important part of an electric furnace. A good conductive cross arm should have the advantages of excellent conductivity, good processability, the long service life of all parts, convenient inspection and replacement of vulnerable parts, etc.