New Trends in Submerged Arc Furnace Technology

New Trends in Submerged Arc Furnace Technology

This article will give introduce the solution of the online monitoring system for new trends in submerged arc furnace technology in today’s main application fields: ferroalloys, non-ferrous, special application, and recycling.

Submerged Electric Arc Furnace

Submerged electric arc furnace

Submerged Electric Arc Furnace is also known as Electric Arc Furnace or Electric Resistance Furnace. A submerged electric arc furnace is a…

Conductive Arm for Furnace Technological Innovation

Conductive Arm for Furnace

The conductive arm for furnace has the function of supporting large current conduction. In the previous conductive arm for the furnace, the electrode support function and the conductor function were completely separated. Generally, the conductor was partially insulated and supported on the conductive arm.

1-120 Ton Arc Furnace For Sale

Arc Furnace For Sale

1-120 Ton Arc furnace for sale and various type furnaces (EAF, SAF, LF, IF etc). Chinese high-quality producer, supplying various furnaces to global steel mills.

Used Electric Arc Furnace For Sale in India

used electric arc furnace for sale in india

5t three-phase used electric arc furnace for sale in India, the structure of the used electric arc steelmaking furnace adopts the furnace cover to remove the top charging, the tapping nozzle taps, and the right or left operation is selected by the user. Electrode lifting is mechanical, furnace body tilting and furnace cover lifting and rotation are hydraulic, and electrical control is controlled by PLC (Siemens) regulator.

Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking

EAF Steelmaking

Electric arc furnace steelmaking is more flexible than other steelmaking furnaces, and is suitable for melting high-quality alloy steel in metallurgy industry.