EAF Electrode Arms For Steelamaking

EAF Electrode Arms

EAF Electrode Arms are available in copper-steel composite arms and aluminum alloy arms. There are many advantages to using aluminum alloy conductive cross arms in a DC arc furnace. Due to the light weight of the aluminum alloy arm, the speed and control performance of the electrode lifting and lowering are further improved. Since the […]

1-120 Ton Arc Furnace For Sale

Arc Furnace For Sale

Arc furnace for sale: 1 ton to 120 tons are available, as well as super power. In industrially developed countries, some electric arc furnace steels are general steel grades, and electric arc furnace steelmaking has become an important conventional production technology, not just a special production technology for producing special steel and alloy steel. The […]

EAF Electrode Conditioning System

Electrode Conditioning System

About EAF Electrode Conditioning System EAF electrode conditioning system consists of self-baking electrode, electrode holder, electrode lifting device and electrode pressing and releasing device. Self-baking Electrodes The self-baking electrode consists of an electrode shell and an electrode paste filled in the shell (anthracite, coke, graphite and coal tar pitch etc. are mixed in proportion and […]