Electric Induction Furnace VS Electric Arc Furnace

electric induction furnace vs electric arc furnace

Electric induction furnace vs electric arc furnace: the induction furnace relies on the principle of induction heating to melt the metal charge, and there will be no carburization of molten steel. Electric arc furnaces rely on graphite electrodes to heat the charge through an electric arc. With the improvement of steel production, a large amount […]

How Do Electric Induction Furnace Work?

how do electric induction furnace work

How do electric induction furnace work? Generally, the heating furnaces we are familiar with use electricity as the energy source, but the heating method of the induction furnace is a little different from other furnaces. Although it is also driven by electricity, it uses induction heating to heat the material. of. So what is its […]

Electric Induction Furnace Manufacturer

electric induction furnace manufacturer

Hani Metallurgy is a professional electric induction furnace manufacturer. The company specializes in producing many high-efficiency induction furnaces, such as intermediate frequency coreless induction furnaces, core copper melting furnaces, induction diathermy furnaces, power frequency core insulation (iron) furnaces, etc.

Hani Electrotherm Induction Furnace Price

electrotherm induction furnace price

Electrotherm induction furnace price has always been a concern in the metal smelting industry, because induction furnaces have the highest heating efficiency and fastest speed for almost metal materials, and are low-consumption, energy-saving and environmentally friendly induction heating equipment. In recent years, it has been sought after by steel mills all over the world. Features […]

Precautions for Induction Coil of Foundry Melting Furnace

induction coil

The core of the induction melting furnace is the induction coil. The effect and price of cold extruded copper pipe and cast copper pipe are very different. T2 cold extruded copper pipe with a rectangular section shall be used. The surface insulation treatment of copper pipe shall be treated with TSC-L ultra high-temperature insulation paint […]

How to Improve the Temperature Resistance of Induction Melting Furnace Lining?

induction furnaces

Furnace lining refers to the furnace wall of induction melting furnaces or other furnaces used to refine metal. It is an important part of the working process of induction furnaces. The quality of furnace lining can directly affect the working efficiency of the electric induction furnaces. As high-temperature smelting equipment, the temperature resistance of the furnace lining must be the main standard to judge the furnace lining. So how can we improve its temperature resistance?