Submerged Arc Furnace(SAF) Electrode Accident Analysis

submerged arc furnace(SAF)

Electrode safety accidents are common safety accidents of nonferrous metals and calcium carbide companies in submerged arc furnace(SAF) smelters. The specific analysis of the causes of electrode accidents is accurate, and purposeful preventive measures can be taken to reduce the occurrence of electrode safety accidents.

Design of Submerged Arc Furnace

design of submerged arc furnace

The design of submerged arc furnace is mainly used for reducing and smelting ores, carbonaceous reducing agents, solvents, and other raw materials. It mainly produces ferrosilicon, ferromanganese, ferrochrome, ferrotungsten, silicomanganese, and other ferroalloys, which are important industrial raw materials in the metallurgical industry and chemical raw materials such as calcium carbide.