Induction Furnace Steel Making

induction furnace steel making

Induction furnace steel making is a steelmaking method that uses induction electrothermal effect to heat and melt metals.

Induction Furnace vs EAF

induction furnace vs eaf

What Is the Difference between Induction Furnace vs EAF?

Induction furnace is a power supply device that converts 50HZ AC power frequency into medium frequency (above 300HZ to 20K HZ).

Induction Furnace for Sale

induction furnace for sale

Are you looking for an induction furnace for sale? Do you know the features of the induction furnace? As a kind of induction furnace, the induction furnace mainly provides steel making and other services for foundries, sand plants, etc. It is loved by users because of its energy-saving and environmental protection features.