Electric Induction Furnace VS Electric Arc Furnace

electric induction furnace vs electric arc furnace

Electric induction furnace vs electric arc furnace: the induction furnace relies on the principle of induction heating to melt the metal charge, and there will be no carburization of molten steel. Electric arc furnaces rely on graphite electrodes to heat the charge through an electric arc. With the improvement of steel production, a large amount […]

Induction Furnace Power Supply

induction furnace power supply

The induction furnace power supply and capacitor box are the most basic components in the intermediate frequency heating furnace……

Induction Furnace Process Flow Diagram

Induction Furnace Process

Induction furnace process flow diagram is a necessary condition for completing a professional and safe melting furnace. The complete completion of every project is inseparable from it as a design benchmark. Induction furnace is a furnace that uses current induction to generate heat to heat and melt iron. Induction furnaces can be divided into two […]