What Is A Ladle Furnace?

What Is A Ladle Furnace?

The article mainly describes what is a ladle furnace, as well as its characteristics, functions and application range.

Functions of Ladle Refining Furnace

Functions of Ladle Refining Furnace

Functions of ladle refining furnace is: (LRF) to desulfurize steel, remove other impurities, and maintain molten steel for casting operations.

Ladle Furnace vs Blast Furnace

ladle furnace blast furnace

Ladle furnace vs blast furnace are both popular smelting furnaces, one for refining molten steel and one for smelting molten iron. It is very popular in smelting industry.

Ladle Furnace Transformer Overview

Ladle furnace transformers

Ladle furnace transformer is mainly composed of iron core, winding, body, fuel tank, final assembly and accessories of ladle furnace, ladle refining furnace.

LF Melting Furnace For Sale

LF Melting Furnace

LF melting furnace speed up the production rhythm & metallurgical production efficiency. Widely used in steel, metallurgy industries, steelmaking field etc.

Induction Ladle Refining Furnace

induction ladle refining furnace

Induction ladle refining furnace is important metallurgical equipment used to refine molten steel melted in primary furnaces(EAF, converter…

Ladle Furnace Cover Will Be Shipped

Ladle Furnace Cover

Ladle furnace cover improve production efficiency,reduce maintenance workload,prolong service life, and achieve economic benefits. This cover will be shipped soon.

What is Ladle Refining Furnace?

ladle refining furnace

Ladle refining furnace refers to the equipment with the function of heating and refining of steel-making furnace. It is important metallurgical equipment used to refine the molten steel melted in the primary smelting furnace (electric arc furnace, open-hearth furnace, and converter), adjust the molten steel temperature, and buffer the process, so as to meet the requirements of continuous casting and continuous rolling. A ladle furnace is one of the main pieces of equipment for refining outside the furnace.