IF Non-Ferrous Refractories Requirement

Induction Furnace Non-Ferrous Refractories Requirement

About Non-Ferrous Refractories Requirement of Induction Furnace Induction furnaces are one of the most challenging of all refractory applications. Refractory materials for induction furnaces need to be selected according to the furnace type, furnace structure, type of steel to be smelted, smelting process and operating conditions, etc. At the same time, the phase and physical […]

Refractory Materials Requirements of Induction Furnace

Refractory Materials

Refractory Materials The development of induction furnaces is closely related to the advancement of refractory technology. In any case, the selection of furnace lining materials for induction furnaces is based on furnace utilization and economy. Regardless of the crucible lining of the crucible furnace or the melting trench lining of the trench furnace, for the […]