Water Cooling System of Submerged Arc Furnace

Water Cooling System of SAF

Submerged arc furnace is the main production equipment of ferroalloy enterprises, and the furnace temperature is generally above 1800℃. In order to ensure its safe operation, circulating cooling water must be used to reduce the temperature of heat exchangers such as copper tiles, large sleeves, conical rings, etc., so that the heat can be dissipated […]

The Utilization of the Submerged Arc Furnaces Tail Gas

submerged arc furnace

Natural gas, biogas, landfill gas and coal mine gas are common gases that can be used in gas-fired internal combustion engines. In addition, some industrial waste gases contain combustible components, such as hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The exhaust gas from the submerged arc furnaces is one of the industrial waste gases that can enter the […]

Submerged Arc Reduction Furnace Power Supply System

Submerged arc furnace

Submerged arc reduction electric furnace is the main equipment for producing ferroalloys, which is used for reduction melting of ore and other furnace materials. Equipment Composition Power supply system, electrode system, furnace body, fume hood (or furnace cover), charging system and water cooling system, etc. Production Characteristics The electrode is inserted into the furnace charge, […]

Submerged Arc Process

Submerged Arc Furnace Process

Submerged arc process: Not essentially an arc process, as heating also occurs through direct resistance. Some limited heating may be produced by the arc and sparks during the interruption of the current path. Applications The primary use of the submerged arc process is to reduce high melting point, high heat absorbing iron alloys such as […]