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CCM Continuous Casting Machine Turn-key Project solution

All-round solutions for continuous casting machine technology and equipment

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Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking

With an optimized steelmaking process, high-performance equipment, strong technical background, rich practical experience

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Induction Furnace Turnkey Project Solution

Hani Metallurgy is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of induction heating equipment, integrating production, research and development

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Production Flow Chart

Long Process

Beneficiation → Sintering → Blast Furnace → Liquid Iron→ Liquid Iron Pretreatment → Oxygen Converter Furnace → Primary Molten Steel → External Refining → Continuous Caster → Continuous Casting Billet

Short Process

Steel Scrap → Electric Arc Furnace → Primary Molten Steel → External Refining → Continuous Caster → Continuous Casting Billet

LF refining furnace
LF Refining Furnace Multi-effect Refining Agent Molten Steel Refining
26 August 2022

Ladle refining furnace multi-effect refining agent (auxiliary slag-making material) is a molten steel refining process technology, which is applied to the refining process of foaming white slag in the reducing (or weakly oxidizing) atmosphere of refining slag. It is a low-cost smelting high-quality steel grade.

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Steel Billet Casting Process
Steel Billet Casting Process
30 September 2022

The process of pouring liquid molten steel into a continuous casting machine,

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steel billet continuous casting machine
A New Method of Controlling the Casting Speed of Steel
28 September 2022

In order to solve the defects that the surface of continuous casting

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Breakout in billet continuous casting process
Breakout In Billet Continuous Casting Process
26 September 2022

Breakout in billet continuous casting process has brought the continuous casting industry

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