What is a continuous casting machine?

what is continuous casting machine

What is a continuous casting machine? It is composed of continuous casting of liquid molten steel into a continuous casting billet, and then cut into the required length by a cutting system, which is customarily called a continuous casting machine.

Continuous Casting Machine for Sale

continuous casting machine for sale

There are different kinds of continuous casting machine for sale in Xi’an Hani Tech Company.
The production process of continuously casting high-temperature molten steel into a billet with a certain cross-sectional shape and a certain size is called continuous steel casting.

Vertical Billet Casting Machine

Vertical billet casting machine

Vertical billet casting machine ( continuous casting machine ) has good quality and is not prone to cracks, and is suitable for producing slabs with small sections.

Continuous Caster – Three Electric Control Systems

Continuous Caster

Characteristics of Three Electric Control Systems of Continuous Caster: Basic automation system; Electric drive and instrument system; Power purification device and anti-interference system; Fault Countermeasures of operation station and PLC Treatment Countermeasures.