EAF Electrode Arms For Steelamaking

EAF Electrode Arms

EAF Electrode Arms are available in copper-steel composite arms and aluminum alloy arms. There are many advantages to using aluminum alloy conductive cross arms in a DC arc furnace. Due to the light weight of the aluminum alloy arm, the speed and control performance of the electrode lifting and lowering are further improved. Since the […]

EAF/LF Electrode Arms

EAFLF Electrode Arms

The EAF/LF Electrode Arms are widely used in steel-making electric arc furnace, ladle refining furnace, electroslag remelting furnace, etc. its structure is a rectangular frame, the outer layer is copper steel composite plate, the outer surface copper plate is used to conduct electricity, and the inner part is cooled by water, so the conductive copper tube of the traditional electrode cross arm is cancelled, and the conductive and supporting electrode functions of the electrode cross arm are combined into one.