Induction Furnace Raw Material

Induction Furnace Raw Material

Induction furnace steelmaking is put induction furnace raw material like scrap steel waiting to be melted in the furnace. When the induction coil is energized…

Precautions for Induction Coil of Foundry Melting Furnace

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The core of the induction melting furnace is the induction coil. The effect and price of cold extruded copper pipe and cast copper pipe are very different. T2 cold extruded copper pipe with a rectangular section shall be used. The surface insulation treatment of copper pipe shall be treated with TSC-L ultra high-temperature insulation paint […]

Power-saving Method of Electric Induction Furnaces

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Brief introduction of the power-saving method of Induction furnace
After decades of training, Hani Metallurgy has continuously developed and improved its products and kept improving, and summarizing a set of applicable power-saving methods for induction furnaces.