LF Melting Furnace For Sale

LF Melting Furnace

LF melting furnace are used to refine molten steel in primary furnaces (EAF or converters). Using submerged arc heating, argon stirring, white slag refining, fine-tuning of alloy composition, and atmospheric wire feeding, the molten iron is degassed, desulfurized and decontaminated, and the composition and temperature of molten steel are accurately controlled. LF also has the […]


smelting furnace

According to the equipment used smelting can be divided into the blast furnace, reverberatory furnace, and electric furnace smelting.

Submerged Arc Process

Submerged Arc Furnace Process

Submerged arc process: Not essentially an arc process, as heating also occurs through direct resistance. Some limited heating may be produced by the arc and sparks during the interruption of the current path. Applications The primary use of the submerged arc process is to reduce high melting point, high heat absorbing iron alloys such as […]

Medium Frequency Induction Furnace Application Scope

Induction Furnace

Medium Frequency Induction Furnace: What is the application scope ? Electric furnace equipment has been widely used in the smelting industry. However, some people still do not know the specific scope of use, which is not conducive to customers to buy, let HANI Metallurgy to tell you the specific scope of its application. Description Medium […]

Ladle Furnace Cover Will Be Shipped Soon

Ladle Furnace Cover

As we know, the ladle furnace is an out-of-furnace refining technology using electric arc heating under vacuum conditions. It is an important metallurgical equipment used for refining molten steel in primary furnaces (electric arc furnace, open hearth, converter), and can adjust the temperature of molten steel, process buffering, and meet continuous casting and continuous rolling […]