How Is Billet Made ? – Steel Billet

How Is Billet Made ? - Steel Billet

Billet refers to a solid semi-finished metal product that is usually rectangular or square in shape. It is the starting point for various metalworking processes, including forging, extrusion and rolling. In this article, we will look at how steel billets are made and the different methods and technologies used in their production.

Price Of Continuous Casting Machine

price of continuous casting machine - news

The article mainly describes the factors that affect the price of continuous casting machine, as well as the introduction and simple explanation of continuous casting machines.

What Is A Ladle Furnace?

What Is A Ladle Furnace?

The article mainly describes what is a ladle furnace, as well as its characteristics, functions and application range.

Electric Arc Furnace Refractory

Electric Arc Furnaces

This article mainly describes the classification and characteristics of electric arc furnace refractory materials, as well as its specific impact on the production efficiency and safety of electric arc furnaces.

LF Melting Furnace For Sale

LF Melting Furnace

LF melting furnace speed up the production rhythm & metallurgical production efficiency. Widely used in steel, metallurgy industries, steelmaking field etc.

Ladle Metallurgy Furnace

Ladle Metallurgy Furnace Steelmaking Furnace

Ladle metallurgy furnace of steelmaking provides Argon and Nitrogen to the Ladle Metallurgical Furnace for stirring and refining molten steel.