LF Melting Furnace For Sale

LF Melting Furnace

LF melting furnace are used to refine molten steel in primary furnaces (EAF or converters).

Using submerged arc heating, argon stirring, white slag refining, fine-tuning of alloy composition, and atmospheric wire feeding, the molten iron is degassed, desulfurized and decontaminated, and the composition and temperature of molten steel are accurately controlled.

LF also has the function of buffering and adjusting the continuous casting process.


The Melting Furnace Contains:

Electric furnace transformers, networks, electrode lifters, ladle lids and ladle lid lifters,

Heating bridge, ladle, ladle bracket, wire feeder, argon conditioning system, water cooling system, compressed air system, hydraulic system,

Temperature measurement and sampling system, automatic charging system, high-voltage power supply system, low-voltage electrical control system and automation system, etc.

The Main Functions of Furnace Are:


②Temperature adjustment

③ Precise fine-tuning of ingredients

④Improve the purity of molten steel

⑤ Slag making

The establishment of a process control computer system in the production of LF furnace is mainly used to solve the following problems:

①Receive the production plan in real time, and organize the production dynamically according to the plan.

② Real-time data tracking of LF furnace production according to heats.

③ Through the calculation of the metallurgical model, the optimization of the operation process is realized, and the operation guidance is provided to the operator at the same time.

④Provide LF furnace operation data to the next process.

⑤ Provide technical personnel with historical traceability of production data.

Ladle melting furnace generally refers to the refining furnace in the steel industry.

In fact, it is a special form of electric arc furnace.

LF Melting Furnace Type:

Bridge type or independent rack type and furnace cover type;

One or three arms;

Ladle rotary platform or furnace cover rotary type, etc.

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